Et billede fra Svanholm

Do you wish to experience Svanholm ?

Yes, we are open to preannounced visits and tours of the site. Visiting Svanholm can be done in different ways. We have guided tours for groups, guided tours where individuals can participate without notice and volunteering.

Guided tours

All guided tours starts by the shop.

Guided tours for individuals to join takes place every sunday from may to september. The tour starts at 11 o'clock. The tour takes about 1,5 hour and ends in the shop where coffee and Svanholm icecream is served. The Price is 110 pr. person - coffee and icecream included.

Guided tours for Groups. You have your own guide and can get the story you are interested in. The tour takes about 1,5 hour and ends in the shop where coffee and Svanholm icecream is served. While you enjoy the coffee and the special Svanholm icecream flavour there will be time to ask questions.

The Price for Groups is 1200 for the guide for the first 25 persons. The Price for participans above 25 persons is 50 pr. person. If the Group is bigger than 35 persons we recomend that you order 2 guides.

Market days. 3 times during the year we open up the area for visitors. These days take place in april, august / september and on the first sunday in december. On these days we celebrate the cows, the harvest and prepare for Christmas. Se Pictures and the newest dates here

On market days there will be guided tours that takes about 1 hour (coffee and icecream not included). Note that the meeting point waries - there will be programs at the area that note the place.


It is possible to stay at Svanholm for an extended period as a volunteer. As a volunteer you participate in daily tasks in e.g. the kitchen, on the farm or doing maintenance and repair jobs. Read more about the conditions here.

Did the guide take a picture of your group ? - please watch it here: